Kickass sells books on black Friday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is obviously just as crass as any one of the 135.8 million shoppers or the thousands of merchants who will take part in Black Friday today, denying that its origin has to do with crowd misery in Philadelphia or the financial crash of 1869.  In his flailing efforts to market his novel “Margaret’s War,” which is set when Germans POWs were in this country by the hundreds of thousands toward the end of WWII, the keeper is offering  a free copy of “Ship The Kids On Ahead,” which is a book of his columns from the Wisconsin State Journal and was published about 100 years ago.  That he still has copies of this old book says more that he wants to think about regarding his book-marketing prowess, but he says it is time to clean out ALL the closets.  So for the bargain price of $16.95 plus $3 shipping, a Black Friday shopper, going to the keeper’s homepage at, can get autographed copies of two books, neither of which has been tainted by being on the NYT best seller list. Of course, Margaret’s War, themed around the disempowerment of women in war time, is also available through Amazon.  (Once book selling ends, the keeper plans to release his tax returns, probably on a Red Friday.)

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