Kickass sells Margaret’s War

Kickass, the doorstop dog, identifies the keeper as lazy onto motionless when it comes to promoting his novel “Margaret’s War,” published in 2020.  There being no room for modesty in the book business, the keeper announces his availability to talk to groups of three or more on writing about the German POWs here at the ed of WW II, and how the face-to-face contact with an isolated civilian population and the military that had been killing their sons and brothers for years made for unique conflicts.  There were 38 POW camps in Wisconsin, and hundreds across the country as nearly a half million POWs—mostly German, were in the US as the war ended.

“Margaret’s War” views this through the eyes of 15-year-old Billy—in love with his older aunt—Margaret, as the story deals with the disempowerment of women, small town racism and the misery of being too young to be a wartime casualty.

Available through Amazon or from the keeper at a “sale” price–$15 plus $4 shipping, “Margaret’s War,” earned some good early reviews, and is worthy of your time, in the keeper’s immodest opinion.  He suggests reading it before the movie is released.

Kickass, one of the rare dogs with the ability to read, passes on the following contact info: 608 370-0477, and




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