Kickass sells Margaret’s War

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that Mondays can be problematic, particularly this one that has everyone waiting–for the vaccine, for crucial stimulus help and for the narcissistic king to get the hell out of the White House.  With this in mind, Kickass stands aside today as the keeper announces that those who have not read his novel—“Margaret’s War” are not living complete lives, and this can be corrected by buying a personally autographed copy from him at or from Amazon.

Set when hundreds of German POWs were in Wisconsin near the end of WWII, “Margaret’s War” uses a 15-year-old narrator—Billy, to tell the story of a young woman grieving for her absent soldier husband as she schemes with Billy and an outrageous reprobate lawyer to ignore the disempowerment of women and bring her soldier home.

The keeper and Phyllis had a good time visiting libraries last summer to talk about the book, and now as they wait for “Margaret’s War” to get on the NYT—“Not Yet Time”) best-seller list, the keeper suggests it as an ideal Christmas gift.  Ten bucks plus $4 shipping when ordered from him, which is a heckuva deal and will identify the gift giver as someone of great good taste, discerning literary judgment and a certain degree of cheapness.

Merry Monday!

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