Kickass ships a book

Kickass, the doorstop dog, admires the keeper’s inclination to confess incompetence bordering on stupidity, his thinking being that such reports are found comforting by those who can say to themselves, “Well, I’ve never done anything that dumb!”

It was the keeper’s simple task to drive to the Post office a mile or so away to mail a book to an eager reader. As he drove into the PO parking lot it dawned on him that he had left the packaged book back on a shopping cart in the Vista West underground parking.

After using such expressions as “Oh my!” and others, the keeper drove back to the VW parking to find that the book package was not on the shopping cart but had been on the back seat of his vehicle all along, so he drove it to the PO for the second time.

In the meantime, he had forgotten just what it was Phyllis had asked him to pick up at the grocery store, and he hesitated phoning her lest he impulsively confess that he was driving back and forth to the PO either with or without one of his books.

(The keeper thinks the book was Margaret’s War, but it might have been Treeson, an APOLOGIA to Trees. Either one, at the bargain price of $10 plus postage with a free copy of Ship The Kids On Ahead would be a smart Christmas shopping move. or 608 370-0477.)

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