Kickass shock collars the politicians


Kickass. the doorstop dog, quite frankly does not have a lot of respect for the keeper’s business acumen but is impressed with his latest plan to expand the canine no-bark collar concept over into the human political world.  He-the keeper, claims that he is driven by early enthusiasm for the plan after he briefly described it in an earlier posting.  It seems that the image of the commander and thief in the White House being knocked on his ass by an electrical jolt when he tweets some inane lie—which he is wont to do, is just too attractive to be denied, particularly in Baltimore; or, watching Mitch McConnell’s eyes cross as the collar- shock hits him when he solemnly announces he is not going to do anything in the public interest!  Just how to get the politicos to wear the shock collars could be a problem, if it were not for their willingness to do anything for money.  Once the rich two-percent who run the country realize how useful shock collars could be for them, every politician will be wearing one.

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