Kickass shooting on 5th avenue

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his special canine communication abilities heard the following White House conversation:

Tillerson: “He—the FM wants to shoot someone on 5th avenue to make a statement that guns are good and to prove the wisdom of his old 5th ave. shooting claim.”

Press Sec. Sarah  “How do we frame that?”

Tillerson: “Under immigrant control. He wants to shoot either an immigrant or a Muslim, or maybe a Muslim immigrant.”

Press Sec. Sarah: “The fake news snoops will want to know what weapon he will use.”

Tillerson: “An AK 47, of course.  He has one in his golf bag.  Oh, wait, the FM has just tweeted a change about who he plans to shoot.”

Press Sec. Sarah: “And who is it?”

Tillerson: “Mueller, of course.”

Press Sec. Sarah: “The base and Fox will love it.  I can’t wait for the briefing.”




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