Kickass shuns white house


Kickass, the doorstop dog, has been asked to reiterate the canine thinking behind the fact that there is not a dog living with the “first” family in the White House; and while going back to the subject depresses him, he feels it is important to stay current with the obvious verity that dogs are smarter than people.  While it may not seem so, dogs do have standards, even those dogs sleeping under porches or running the alleys of big cities as homeless mutts.  Early on when the current White House people crew began to assemble, a dog directive went out—passed from dog to dog through rude sniffing, that any dog attempting to mark territory around the White House would be immediately shunned by all the other dogs and adopted into a home that believes neutering to be a good thing.   The directive said, “We cannot abide living with rich people who eat steaks from poor unfortunate critters that are still alive—but barely, stampedes minimum-wage sheep over the cliff, and locks immigrant kids in zoo-like cages.   And while dogs have been blamed for eating homework, there is not a dog alive that wants to be positioned so that it can be accused of eating the Mueller Report.”


See for more Kickass and news of the novel MARGARET’S WAR.)


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