Kickass smells the horse crap

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says in this age of “stand your stupidity” he will of course not back down to even the dogs who are smarter than he is, of which there are many.  And therein seems to be the problem: a wholesale inability to adjust to those that are either dumber or smarter than you are without coming off as either an arrogant jerk or a hopeless supremacist.

There may be times when if you don’t call out the “dumber” you will burst a blood vessel, and there are certainly times when if you don’t listen to the “smarter” you will be felled by a plague.

Somewhere in there are all of us, like we are all together watching a community parade—the dumb and the smart, all cheering the high school band, laughing at the clowns, saluting the flag, and smelling the horse crap, which gets into everyone’s nose sooner or later no matter how damn dumb or smart they are.

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