Kickass sniffs it all out

Gray wolf in wildlife sanctuary

Kickass, the doorstop dog, would point out that dogs do not ever make a move of any kind without first giving everything the sniff test.  Over the millenniums as dogs evolved down from their wolf ancestors this sniffing has served them well—keeping them out of hostile territory where they would have been killed, informing them that the dog ahead of them is not interested in sex and might well be downright ugly about a proposition, and telling dogs that they are on the right track, be it as a bird dog or a blood hound, or even as simple as in locating a dropped table scrap.

So, now comes the most intelligent species on the planet ready to pass a big Trump tax plan in Wash. DC without knowing what is in it; while in Wisconsin, Walker’s gang is poised to sign a $3 BILLION contract with a foxy con outfit without even reading the GD thing!

For god’s sake, people, even with your dull sense of smell, Kickass says you should be able to recognize STINK!

Kickass will be resting his sniffer in the woods now because the smells of autumn are among the greatest.


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