Kickass SNL emergency

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has been asked to join others in supporting the Orange Narcissist’s contention that Alec Baldwin is a national emergency for his SNL portrayal of the president as an abject buffoon, and therefore a tall wall needs to be built around the White House to keep out comedians, satirists, actors and foreign born.  Such thinking is contrary to the keeper’s previous political leanings, but the prolonged Wisconsin winter is getting to him and he is now in favor of bullying as defined in meteorological terms.  Living on top of a hill, as he does, the keeper is afraid to trudge downhill through the deep snow to get necessary supplies lest he is unable to get back up the hill burdened by casks of brandy and glazed doughnuts.  (He has threatened to trade me for a St. Bernard.)  In the final analysis, the keeper decided against supporting the Baldwin-as-national-emergency movement but will support building a wall around the White House as a place for the public to mark territory, which is long overdue.
(See for more Kickass and news of the novel MARGARET’S WAR.) 

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