Kickass snubbed by crows

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has been trying to assist the keeper in his relationship with crows, but the brutal truth may be that the crows are smarter than the keeper and choose not to waste their time with him.

After being rebutted in many attempts to establish a relationship–corn in various feeders and silhouetted figures on the walls where crows could see them, a recent experience graphically made the point that crows want nothing to do with the keeper and it is about time he wised up to that verity. Walking in front of Vista West yesterday, the keeper– in normal tone of voice, said “Hi guys” to three crows on the lawn nearby. The crows promptly flew up to perch on rooftops and light poles from where they communicated with each other in typically harsh terms. Farther along, two other crows had the same reaction when the keeper spoke to them.

There is a lot of folklore about the meaning of crows’ activity in your life, some of it ominous, but the keeper will simply accept the fact that crows want nothing to do with him.

Rejection is not a pleasant part of life but sometimes unavoidable.

At least, Phyllis still loves him, the keeper thinks, and the crows can go to hell, he will no longer be speaking to them.

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