Kickass squeals like a pig


Kickass. the doorstop dog, says that among the more contemptuous things sweeping the “contempt prone” country these days are the widespread legislative efforts of– mostly men, telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies in regard to reproduction.  There are not many issues that incense the keeper to the point that he squeals like a pig, but this is one of them.  Until men can become pregnant and give birth they need to keep their mouths shut on matters of birth control and bearing children.  We are not dealing with immaculate conception here; the male sex drive causes all reproduction problems and it needs to factor into the game right through the ninth inning in a cooperative, compassionate way.  Instead, the male ego prevails and men become dictatorial know-it-alls who hide their impossible gender arrogance behind phony platitudes about the sanctity of life.  No woman goes the abortion route lightly.  Much better that abortions are avoided through intelligent and widespread birth control measures; or maybe by men spilling their seed upon the ground, which could be viewed as illegal in some quarters and, according to the Bible, so displeased God that he killed Onan for doing it. (Genesis 38:9 The keeper looked it up.)

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