Kickass starts 2019 in a state

Kickass the Doorstop DogKickass, the doorstop dog, witnessed the keeper starting off the New Year in a “state.” The issue was his driveway which has something of a switchback and other features of a mountain road. Once when he did not notice that it was covered with black ice, the keeper started at the top and had something of a religious experience—actually a bit physical as well, when he lost complete control and slid at high speed around the curves like a Russian bobsledder.

New Years eve brought a rain that turned into several inches of snow, and this unique circumstance resulted in the keeper stranding his tractor/plow halfway down the driveway and despite his limitless operator skills as well as his non-stop blasphemous pleading, he was forced to abandon the machine and try to walk up the icy drive, risking a broken ass or hip or skull.

He tried for a little sympathy from Phyllis but she was busy taking photos of the “beautiful” snow, so the keeper poured a little brandy into a cup of coffee and toasted the New Year, which promises to be totally typical.

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