Kickass starts a church TDDD

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says since it was recently demonstrated by a TV host that starting a religion/church is as simple as stating your intentions, he—Kickass, with the tacit approval of the keeper, announces the creation of the Tabernacle of Dog Dogma, Dammit, (TDDD) which sees as its mission digging up the bones of truth that are being buried by most of the tall dogs wherever you look.

And since it is a characteristic of churches to promote exclusivity and superiority, TDDD, immediately takes issue with the likes of Bishop Morlino in Madison who recently said, “Never ascribe professional maturity to journalists,” when it comes to assessing the truth.

Considering the source, and reflecting only briefly on the sordid on-going history of the organization the bishop represents, Kickass, speaking as the head DOG of TDDD, says without fear of contradiction: “The Bishop is full of shit!”  And that is the truth!

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