Kickass stays in bed


Kickass, the doorstop dog, is trying to help the keeper decide whether or not to get out of bed considering some recent news: so called adults—Republicans, storm a hearing room like so many spoiled children, Foxycon closes its Green Bay “innovation” center, political narcissist Voss says there will be no dealing with any gun control issues in Wisconsin, Sec. of ag. Perdue tells Wis farmers they are economically doomed, the POTUS calls those who do not worship him “human scum,” the stupidity of “zero tolerance” ensnares an innocent in Madison, bear hunters continue to collect $2500 from the state for hounds killed by wolves, evangelicals continue to praise a man who mocks the handicapped and grabs women’s genitalia, billionaires get richer as the minimum wage stays at $7.25, more public land is made available to private interests, consumer protection regs are gutted, the US has become a world laughing stock and worse due to inane White House machinations, it will probably rain today.  Kickass says it is a slam dunk: the keeper should stay in bed.

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