Kickass stupidity defense



Kickass, the doorstop dog, recalling his time in the shelter with all of its diverse occupants, agrees with the keeper that you can’t fix stupidity, and as the old German philosopher said, “Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice.  One may protect against evil; it can be exposed and, if need be, prevented by use of force.”  The keeper says to use caution in defining stupidity as simply something you disagree with, but Kickass has about reached the end of his leash with that kind of reasoned approach.  Suddenly it seems, there is a subset of self-centered, inbred narcissists howling around the main pack and causing it to move ever closer to the edge of the great precipice.  The circumstance is fraught with malice but its backbone is stupidity and the attendant evils.  Kickass suggests that unless there is a wholesale marking of territory, the qualities of decency, compassion and fairness in pack existence may be lost forever.  Claim the trees, he says, even those just coming off their annual production of cherry blossoms.   And, yeah, Kickass adds that those who do not agree with him are stupid and need to be thrown into the recently photographed black hole of outer space.


(See for more Kickass and news of the novel MARGARET’S WAR.)




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