Kickass suggests a Poly Zoo

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is curious at the extensive petitioning and demonstrating that people do to try to mold the actions of people they voted into office to run things the way they want them run.   It seems like such a sham.  If such a thing occurred in the dog world, the petitioning and demonstrating would take the form of neutering, choke collars and electronic training devices that would knock a dog on its ass if it so much as hesitated in obeying an order to “sit!”   In the human species, apparently something clicks in the brains of those elected to office and too many of them become greedy, ego-driven narcissists who tolerate a tight leash only if there is some rich inconsiderate slob on the other end of it.  While the petitions and demonstrations have a certain feel-good quality to them, something more is needed, and while many of the measures taken to correct things in the dog world might be effective, they violate other human considerations.  Something different is needed, and Kickass is suggesting a “Poly Zoo” that would, at the first sign of a politician not being true to his/her constituency, place that politician in a zoo-like cage where it would be fed only peanuts and would be attended by the impoverished as defined by the lowest 30 percent from annual income stats.  (Can you imagine the attraction of a Poly Zoo that caged McConnell or Cruz, or Trump?  There would need to be extra parking.)

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