Kickass takes a knee on football

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is not only football players who have obviously suffered brain damage from the game as it is foisted upon a gullible public by a cluster of billionaire narcissist team owners: it is also this fawning public, continuing to gleefully hand over more and more of its hard-earned dollars to the billionaires, that needs to recognize a diminishing of brain capacity.

The only entity more offensive than the White House these days is the NFL owners organization with its slinking about to avoid being a part of anything meaningful.  Like some of the damaged players, the keeper is thinking of suing the NFL for the time he wasted watching football before it all simply became too offensive, particularly as it engaged little guys in elementary and high schools banging their vulnerable brains against one another while their NFL-conditioned parents cheered them on.

Trump may drop out of seeking world peace, but he isn’t about to drop out of the NFL absurd take-a-knee issue because it is so dear to his followers.  (Kickass will be napping now, probably dreaming that football is dumb because it is contrary to the game of fetch.)




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