Kickass takes on DST

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper will not be with the rest of the herd as it participates in DST at 2 am tomorrow and sets the clocks ahead by one hour.

Instead, in the spirit of time manipulation, he will be setting his personal clock back to 1949 which was the year he graduated from high school and he arrogantly considered his mental and physical capacities to be at their zenith.

While in this artificial time state the keeper will attempt to remember some high school fact like the succession of early presidents and will also try to do the 100-yard dash in less than five minutes.

Ignoring the fact that he is inevitably destined to fail on both counts, the high-school-age keeper will ask Phyllis if she will be his date for the High School Snowball, which was last year—1948, and he had been chosen by his classmates to be the official Snowball king.

Does it matter that she was only eight years old at the time?

The keeper doesn’t think so.

Happy DST from Phyllis and the Snowball King.

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