Kickass takes on football

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the saturation of football in American culture is little improvement over the collective coliseum days of Rome, and in some respects is justifiably compared to dog and cock fighting as organized spectator sports.

Structured by billionaire overlord professional team owners who manipulate participants and spectators at all levels, football has little boys encouraged to be heroes by knocking each other down if not out.

The loving cultural embrace of football and its saturation in all education levels begs the question of what does a Darwinian U-turn look like?

It looks like money, of course, big outrageous money to team owners, TV stations, universities, coaches and some to those groomed “knights” with their brief careers and fractured skulls.

The keeper’s football hero is Chris Borland the former UW standout who saw it all from the inside and then decided not to put his brain on the line for billionaires’ bottom line.

“Thoughts and prayers” for Damar Hamlin seriously injured in a Monday night football game on national television is beyond hypocritical; it is stupid and insulting!

If the brain bashing on football fields is to serve as a positive symbolic outlet for the latent hostility saturating the populace, it needs a revolutionary remake.  Or at least a long time out.

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