Kickass takes on guns


Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that in at least 30 homes today the specter of death rules as a result of the most recent mass shootings.  And today, being average, about another 100 people will die of gunshots, many of them self administered.  Even with his current experience of grieving over the sudden death of his daughter Pat during a routine heart procedure, the keeper cannot fathom the daily hurt inflicted on hundreds of people by the inane and obscene prevailing gun culture, even when there are no mass shootings in the headlines.  That military guns specifically designed to kill people are available to anyone with the money to buy them, and that killing second graders does not generate even the mildest of regulatory restraint defines a tribe so savage and corrupt that it would eat its own young in the name of gun industry profit.  Reduced to hand-wringing and whimpering, the tribe is pitiful as most of its members choose non-involvement in an issue that should have been dealt with years ago.  The keeper is among them, and will be changing that in Pat’s name.

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