Kickass takes on history


Kickass. the doorstop dog, joins the keeper on this post-“Indigenous People Day” to lament the absurd, sanitized, white oriented, war-glamorizing, history that has held sway far too long.  The keeper would make the point that in his novel Margaret’s War, one of the underlying themes is how, when thousands of German POW’s were brought face-to-face with the Wisconsin citizenry, instead of being conditioned by years of “Germans are brutal killers” propaganda, there was the realization that people—even Germans, are basically decent and want the same things from life.  The obvious question became: Why the hell do we kill each other?  Pursuit of that WW II question was buried to history as other aspects of ending the war and recovering from it occupied public attention.  The keeper will be expounding on this and other things—like the disempowerment of women in war time, at a book talk at the Waupaca Library Thursday at 6 pm.  If Kickass had a way to get there he might show up.

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