Kickass takes on leghold traps

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that judging by the outpouring of strong opposition to the widespread use of leg-hold traps on wild animals, as evidenced in the reaction to a post on the subject here–130 shares, the time may be right to do something about this travesty.  As is the case with too many cultural aberrations, the use of leg-hold traps is money-driven by commercial interests, and it simply floats along unseen and unacknowledged by an uniformed populace.  This is an unconscionable circumstance. And to know of it and do nothing is to be complicit in the agony of a wild creature chewing off its own leg to gain freedom.  The keeper suggests there might be a role here for churches and other moral concerned entities.  How about a Black Sunday when leg-hold traps are waved from the pulpits and a three-legged fox is displayed.  Would that wake the political drones up from their narcissistic comas and move them to do the biding of the moral multitude?  It’s worth a try.

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