Kickass talks to a crane fly


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the presence of a crane fly in the vicinity of the keeper’s word grinder, and proceeded to use his—Kickass’s, unique ability to communicate with all things.

Kickass—“So you look like a giant mosquito.  Is it a plus or a minus to look like something you are not?”

Crane fly: “It can go either way: it’s fun to scare people, but sometimes you get swatted.”

Kickass: “You have been patrolling around the keeper’s computer all morning.  Why do think he hasn’t swatted you?”

Crane fly: “The poor  bastard sees me as the closest thing to a guardian angel he will ever know, and he wants me to use my angel powers to turn him into a young prince and somebody named Trump into a frog.”

Kickass: “Work on the frog thing first!”



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