Kickass talks to a firefly

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, was out on the deck last night as the fireflies got their show going, and one of the little bugs flew close enough for Kickass to use his unique ability to communicate with all creatures.

Kickass—So what do you call this, this flying around in the dark and blinking a little green light?

Firefly—We call it twinkling.  Every living thing does it one form or another.  It has to do with reproduction.

Kickass—Every living thing?  Even humans?

Firefly—Especially humans.  They are just incredibly clumsy about “twinkling.”

Kickass—Some of them seem to have “tweeting” down pretty good, but that’s another thing.

Firefly—Indeed.  Tweeting is an evolutionary set back.  Twinkling, as we do it, is one of its great advances.  It’s too bad humans missed out on it.

Kickass—Humans do use the phrase “hot pants,” I wonder where that comes from?

Firefly—Certainly not from classic twinkling: humans can neither fly nor produce a light with their ass.

Kickass—But some of them do seem to illuminate their acting like asses.

Firefly—Now we are back to tweeting.


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