Kickass talks to a President


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, as a long-ago member of the “enemy of the people” media, remembers back when you could talk with a President about trout fishing and not be called a liar or even a traitor, so long as you allowed the President to claim the biggest fish.  The keeper recalls a pleasant three-day interlude floating down the Mississippi on the Delta Queen with President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn.  When the keeper asked press sec. Jody Powel if the president knew he was passing through some excellent trout fishing country, Powell suggested the keeper tell him—the pres., about it.  The result was a most memorable 30 minutes with the Carters at the DQ rail, during which the keeper let the President top things off with a 19-inch trout out of Yellowstone, even though the keeper had once caught a 20-incher there.  Those were the days, my friend.  We thought they’d never end……

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