Kickass talks to a sparrow

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the Balcony Sparrow was back, perched on the cold steel edge just below the thermometer that showed a new low temperature for the year. The two of them talked:

Kickass: “Cold, huh!”

BS: “Yeah, and a lot more to come.”

Kickass: “You could migrate to warm climes like other birds.”

BS: “No chance. Like your keeper, I have neither the means nor the brains to avoid the Wisconsin winter.”

Kickass: “He pretty much survives the winter by staying inside and complaining and reminiscing about winters of the past.”

BS: “Complaining and reminiscing helps, I do it by recalling the old days when there was much more interesting horse s— on the streets to sort through.”

Kickass: “I hear you. The current level of horse s— becomes increasingly less interesting and more annoying by the minute.”

BS: “I gotta go. I’m checking out a Repub bird feeder up at the Wisconsin Capital.

Kickass: “Sunflower seeds and corn, I imagine?”

BS: “Ha! It will be the usual, but my kind has an affinity for horse s— and we take it where we find it.”

Kickass: “Have a nice flight.”

BS: “Thanks, and chirp hello to the keeper and Phyllis.”

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