Kickass talks to dog god

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that dogs have a dog god that they talk to and he recently reports the following conversation:

Kickass: “So this people god that Roy Moore and his Alabama followers keep talking about, do you know him?”

Dog god: “Yeah, it’s a sad story: he has dementia.”

Kickass: “The people god has dementia!  How can that be?”

Dog god: “Head injury: He was blinded by bright TV lights and fell off the stage of a mega church.”

Kickass: “So he won’t be participating in the Alabama senatorial election today?”

Dog god: “Oh yes he will.  He says dementia is a qualification for voting in recent elections and he cites the presidency and the governorship of Wisconsin as examples of how that works.”

Kickass: “Are the other gods, like you, going to be in Alabama today?”

Dog god:  “No way!  We’re too busy conducting an obedience school to teach young dogs how to piss up a rope.”




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