Kickass talks tweeting with robin

Kickass, the doorstop dog, was on deck recently when a robin stopped briefly on the balcony of the Madison apartment where the keeper and Phyllis live; and he—Kickass, took the opportunity to use his special communication powers to engage the robin in a conversation about tweeting.

Kickass: “So why do you tweet?”

Robin: “To attract a sex partner and to tell other male robins to stay the hell away.”

Kickass: “So how is it that your tweeting has been interpreted as ‘Cheer up, Cheer up’?”

Robin:  “Facebook did it!  They said our tweeting was too salacious and they slapped that inane interpretation on it.

Kickass: “Some birds tweet annoyingly at night.  What do you suggest?”

Robin: “Create a disturbance to discourage bird roosting within earshot.  Close the windows and turn up the radio.”

Kickass: “Do you have any suggestions for dealing with an out-of-control human tweeter?”

Robin: “Vote!”


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