Kickass tax day entertainment

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper would be running the Boston Marathon but it is tax-filing day, and this one with its April snow and ice, is particularly interesting since, in addition to the usual circumstance of math and memory confusion, as well as bureaucratic intimidation, there is the distinct possibility that you may very well fall on your ass on the way to the Post Office.

Running a mere 26.2 miles is not a big deal in the keeper’s estimation, having calculated that he has traveled that distance countless times in pursuit of newspaper columns and stories, many of which involved  interviews in saloons and other hazardous locations.

So most of us—except for you-know-who, accept tax day for what it is and pay up, never mind that we have strong objections to how some of our money is spent.  But we do pay up, and then we saunter 26.2 feet or so to a soft chair and watch TV accounts of the ongoing marathon of madness whereby corporations and billionaires get tax breaks and we get the proverbial shaft.



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