Kickass the plus of a cruel April

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper likes the cold, cruel April because it prevents him from overheating when he hears how our narcissistic leaders are picking people for leadership posts who do their damndest to destroy natural resources and cultural structures that express the basic decency and respect sewn into the flag by Betsy Ross.

The damage already done and the prospect of much more to come is slowly being recognized by the populace, particularly the young, as testified to by the widespread political demonstrations and recent elections.

So the thoughtless flailing of Trump and Walker may turn out to be heroic for waking us to the fact that we cannot take our values for granted and need to throw the money merchants off the steps of the temple.  So that’s the Kickass sermon for the day.  There will be no collection taken, and hymn singing will be accompanied by the jazz piano of Hazel Scott.


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