Kickass the right straw

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is just one damn thing after another and this weekend it is the Chinese space junk crashing down god knows where, which means that Kickass will be spending the weekend under cover, if not under the bed.

There he will be trying to help figure out the crow that landed outside the window where the keeper does his morning bicycle ride to nowhere.  The crow, headed for its traditional nesting area, was carrying a long piece of straw in its beak; and it alit on a high branch, gazed about, and then dropped the straw and flew off in another direction.

The keeper ventures that the crow suffered from a sudden attack of buyer’s remorse or feared that it might be seen as “eating crow.”  Kickass thinks it was a male crow that said of the straw: “She will never like it, I’ve got to go find something better.”

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