Kickass The sky is falling

Kickass, the doorstop dog, quotes Chicken Little: “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”  Can anyone possibly be surprised after installing in the most powerful position in the world, a man who said he assaults women by grabbing them indecently?  And the voters knew this going in!

It is the kind of thing you want to forget, but you can’t, and then comes the orange numbskull saying he will take care of everything: and he does, by starting a nuclear war so there are no people left to remember anything.

Unfortunately, this will not solve the tax issue for the Repubs who want to give all the money to the rich, but won’t be able to because all the rich will have been vaporized.  The poor too, of course, and that will solve all the welfare issues, and, of course, the health care issues, so right there is an accomplishment for the Trump supporters to hang their hats on, if they had hats, and heads, of course.

Kickass sometimes wakes up from a nap in a cold sweat, and everyone knows that dogs do not sweat!



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