Kickass therapy in the north

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is finally back from one of his therapeutic forays to the north where he wandered old trails and haunts searching for the boy who once followed him, and still does when he goes to such places.   But that boy’s image has shrunk to the size of a Lilliputian and the faint sounds of his voice have taken on a taunting quality.

So everyone has a little boy or girl lurking back there like that.  Keeping in mind the advice of Satchel Paige: “Don’t look back because something might be gaining on you,” the keeper wonders if the Lilliputian boy may be carrying a rope to tie him to the ground ala Johnathan Swift’s Gulliver.

Better not to know about that, so Kickass advises everyone—especially the keeper, to use caution with therapeutic forays to old haunts.


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