kickass thin skinned keeper

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that while the keeper has always been very thin- skinned, it seems to be getting worse. (We are talking physical here and not emotional fragility, although there is that too.)  Anyway, the keeper drips blood at the slightest contact, like a friendly pawing from a family dog.

Having just returned from a skin check by the VA dermatologists, the keeper was informed that he needs to be monitored, and in answer to his question, was told that at his age, using sun screen is like pulling a parachute’s ripcord after you have hit the ground.  “The damage has already been done,” is the way it was phrased.

On his first weekend pass out of Army basic training, the keeper got so sunburned on a Florida beach that he could not walk.  The Army considered it a Court Martial offense, but he somehow weaseled out of it.  Along with being thin-skinned, he is also obviously thick-headed.  Both conditions seem to be chronic.



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