Kickass Thoughts and prayers BS

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper suggests that something has to break the inane mass killing cycle so he is proposing that the “thoughts and prayers” phrase which now is heard everywhere, be immediately identified as the oxymoron that it is and banned from usage.

The keeper says if he hears one more  mealy mouthed politician say “thoughts and prayers” while holding his grubby paw out for the NRA/Gun Industry bribes that hold the entire country in a choke hold of abject gun ignorance, he will start kicking over litter boxes, which, he says is where the 2nd Amendment needs to be tossed.

Kickass likes that 2nd amendment- litter box thing, and also likes the banning of “thoughts and prayers.”  He once “thought” he had a “prayer” but it turned out to be indigestion from eating rotten fish, sorta like what the politicians suffer from swallowing gun rot.



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