Kickass throwing up on the governor

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with whines from the narcissistic Orange crybaby about a hostile press ringing in his ears, turns it over to the keeper today for a true account of a press-politician dust-up from days of yore:  The keeper was riding in a state-operated airplane, seated just behind Gov. Warren Knowles, when he—the keeper was suddenly stricken with severe air sickness, and it was only through heroic efforts and iron will that he managed to hold it together until the plane landed.  As the passengers disembarked, the keeper remarked to Gov. Knowles that he—Knowles, had no idea how close the keeper had come to throwing up down the back of the Gov.s neck.

Gov. Knowles, appearing a bit startled, replied, “Well then you don’t know how close I would have come to punching you in the nose.”

The keeper thought at the time that it was an odd response, and to this day does not really understand it, nor does he wish to dwell on just how it might have played out had he been unable to avoid throwing up on the Governor.  (It is the fervent wish of the keeper that he somehow gets an invitation to fly on Air Force One.)



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