Kickass to pet or not to pet

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the kennel crowd has been in a yapping, whining, barking state of chaos for far too long over the issue of how the members do or do not want to be petted.  It started when a New York Great Dane reported hearing someone say that it was OK to grab female privates, and if this was the case with dogs, somebody was going to get their damn hand bit off.  This was followed by the abusive owner of a stunt dog kennel in Hollywood being chased off location by a pack of irate poodles and treed in prison.  Then, with the scent of accountability strong in the air, the pet or not to pet a dog issue went off on more tangents than a spider web.  Dogs that had not been petted for years complained of abuse by omission, and other dogs—usually from the terrier clan, gripped that some of those doing the petting went too far and scratched their ears when their ears did not need scratching.  Finally, an old dog that had been around since way back when dogs could run-at-large and even be petted by strangers, said that she loved to be petted and if it got out of hand she could damn well get it back on track.  She added that it was time for dogs to regain some common sense about petting and act accordingly, lest cats end up getting all the attention.

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