Kickass tongue lolling, ears flapping

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says Sunday was the kind of summer day that explains why some dogs hang their heads out the window on country drives—their tongues lolling and their ears flapping.

The keeper more or less did that and observed the following: flower pigs guarding a Mt. Vernon gate, trout creeks running high and unfishable, someone actually using the sun to dry clothes in Mt. Horeb, Vern Lunde’s former trout cabin burned to the ground, (When and how did that Happen?) corn as high as a small elephant’s eye, sodden fields waiting to be planted, and birds-birds-birds everywhere.

There was a brief visit with an old friend—about to be 94 and still on his Trump rant, and then it was back to absorbing the great, green world, tongue lolling and ears flapping. What a day!

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