Kickass Trump as a sailcat

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the relationship of the citizenry with Trump has evolved to be like that of ongoing traffic with a “sailcat,” a sailcat being a road-killed cat that gets run over so many times it gets flat enough to be picked up by the tail and sailed off like a frissbee.

It is obvious the Repubs are not up to the task of “sailing” the orange-haired one, apparently fearing that moving him even the slightest will reveal either a large pothole, a Russian or yet one more domestic abuser.

Kickass hastens to add that he, like most others, is not promoting the original “accidents” that create “sailcats,” but once they happen, it is morally indecent not to `treat them for what they are—narcissistic garbage to be sailed off into the firmament.


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