Kickass truth confession

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says as a former “ink-stained wretch,” the keeper proudly accepts the identity of “enemy of the people,” but defines “the people” as those who flaunt the rules, break the laws, cheat their bosses, abuse their families, create unnecessary hazards, are cruel to dumb animals, take advantage of the vulnerable to further their own interests and tell lies that impact others.

And you want bias!  Try flim-flamming the truth and you will get bias because that is what “the enemy of the people” press reps believe in down to their last bones.

The truth only hurts those who deny it, and nothing–NOTHING gives an “enemy of the people” reporter more pleasure than pointing that out.  It is, in fact, according to the keeper, sometimes difficult to resist exhibiting a form of childish glee which would make the reporter insufferable, a place he might have visited a time or two.  He is, in fact, human, a species identity that carries with it the impossible burden of dealing with ego and “stupid.”  Being a dog is easier.

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