Kickass two-bit photo op

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says if there was ever any doubt about the Madison area being the center of the cultural universe and the hub of all meaningful photographic opportunity it has been dispelled by the chance last week to get your picture taken with Stormy Daniels and then the upcoming similar offering to be photographed with Trump.

The cost with Stormy at a local strip joint was $20 for a selfie, while posing with Trump in Mt. Pleasant June 29 will set you back $100,000.  Doing the obvious math, the keeper said for the cost of one pic with Trump you could get 5,000 with Stormy, which, he said, seemed like a better deal.

To get in on the craze of documenting making a fool of yourself, Kickass is offering the opportunity to be photographed with him at the bargain price of 25 cents, which means that he freely admits—unlike the others, that he is a two-bit something or other.





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