Kickass ultimate April fool

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, having practiced being a fool since the last year the Model A Ford was manufactured, does not find any special significance in the April Fools Day of 2018, particularly since Chinese space junk is expected to fall out of the sky this afternoon in the vicinity of Lambeau Field; if it’s an average day about 100 people will die in the US of gunshots; and the leader of the free world this week congratulated a TV performer who earlier had ridiculed the Star Spangled Banner while grabbing her crotch, apparently a gesture the “leader” identifies with.

As a really old fool, there is not a lot the keeper can do to influence any of this, other than to stay the hell out of Green Bay, make sure his guns are locked up, and leave the GD TV turned off.

Oh, and tell grandkids to, “Look at the unicorn out by the bird-feeder!”


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