Kickass upside down with nuthatches

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that in adjusting to the April snow, one of the local nuthatches hung upside down on the bottom of a snow-covered branch as it went about finding its breakfast.  The keeper said he admired the bird for its acceptance of an unpleasant circumstance, but doubted that he—the keeper could manage similar adjustment.

Kickass begs to differ since he has witnessed countless examples of the keeper being upside down on personal and public issues.  He even had the audacity to ask Rebecca Dallet at a campaign forum if she was physically prepared should she get elected to the Wis. Supreme Court and its debate turned physical as it once did.

Dallet’s answer had been that she kept herself in good physical shape and she was ready for anything.  Her wide margin of victory in yesterday’s election will give her a chance to prove that, and the keeper, hanging upside down on a snow-covered limb, can’t wait to see it!

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