Kickass using the best brains

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the meddling of politicians in the functioning of the University of Wisconsin is like trying to use cats to keep the herd from stampeding off the cliff.  It is even worse since entities like the UW represent the best hope of crawling up out of the primordial muck.  Think stem cell discovery, Vitamin D, new cancer treatment, gut microbes influencing Alzheimer’s disease, and on and on and on.

That narcissistic loud-mouths in elective office—you know who they are on both the Federal and State levels, would transform the UW into a trade school is right up there with the absurdities resulting from the necessity to keep the stragglers as part of the herd.

Since we must maintain the cluster posture of wintering penguins or perish in a raging blizzard of stupidity, Kickass suggests we keep our best brains at the center of things.  (Such heavy-duty ranting is exhausting and Kickass will be napping for the remainder of the day.)




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