Kickass Veterans Day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper will celebrate Veterans’ Day by remembering that joining the Army was one of the best things he ever did, even with its year of misery in Korea.  As is the case with many young people, joining the military serves is a significant change factor and allows young men and women to peek out of their too-cozy birth valleys.

But an all volunteer military is bullshit.  When the tribe gets to the point where it hires its necessary warriors (killers) it is morally bankrupt.   Think “bone spurs,”  as an example of “buying out.”  And is there a stat for the number of recent military KIAs who grew up in gated communities?

Kickass says in his canine world when hostility arises, every dog in the pack had better show up to put it down or they are not going to have a warm place to sleep.



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