Kickass visits house

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis returned to their former Mazomanie hilltop digs Friday to help celebrate great granddaughter Samilla’s third birthday; and the record will show that for the keeper it was an emotional outing—being with family in its boisterous good health in the house that he and family members built 25 years ago and that is now occupied by grandson Andy, his lovely wife Ohm and their three little ones, including Samilla.

To say that the house—with its tree-filled atrium and other fun features, is joyously lived in would be a gross understatement, and the fact that the keeper can still visit it and review the great 20 years he spent living there is one of those rare life bonuses.

Happy birthday, Samilla. It is one long trip from your age to the keeper’s but it’s worth every minute, especially those spent in the hilltop Mazo house.

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