Kickass voter attorneys

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the Wis. Repub’s hiring of big-time attorneys at voter expense to defend an unfair voting scheme is dumber than trying to get Mexico to pay for a wall to keep them out of the country.  Mexico at least has a form for saying, “Are you out of your GD mind!”

On the national scene, however, things are looking up as Trump moves to take regs off the wonderful big time bankers, frees up the churches to campaign for idiot zealots, insults old friends around the world, tells women how to manage their bodies and urges us to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kickass tried to crawl into the groundhog’s hole but it was already full—of Repubs trying to hide from outraged women, foreclosed home-owners, Australians and those promoting common decency.

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

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