Kickass Walker-Foxy wieners

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there is no better evidence of how good it is to get out of your rut than the keeper’s return from several days in Denver where, among other entertainment, he visited but did not patronize a weed store.  (He medicates with brandy.)

Temporarily removed from the Walker/Repub’s program to dumb-down the Wisconsin populace so people do not notice that they are drinking cow manure- flavored water or eating deer that might give them mad-cow disease, the keeper, in his new-found ability to think with a modicum of clarity, and having passed the abandoned Oscar Mayer factory on the way to the airport, offers the following:

On this historic day of Walker signing away $3 billion in taxpayer money in the Foxy Con deal, it should be added that the vacant Oscar Mayer factory will become the new home of the Foxy Con company where it will make computerized Chinese Walker-wieners that will sell for $10,000 each and be marketing with a jingle that goes: Oh, I wish weren’t a Walker Foxy wiener.  For that is what I don’t want to be.  For when I am a Walker Foxy wiener, Rich dudes will take more bites of me.





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