Kickass Walker’s tainted beer

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says he has sniffed out just how WI Gov. Walker handles money and it is not a pretty picture.  Walker has two piles of money: one of millions from the Koch brothers and other big money interests that he uses to paint over the indisputable fact that the state is going to hell in a hand basket, and it is doing so over pothole roads, while drinking water that is tainted with bull—and cow shit, and while schools are being eyeballed as possible prisons.

The other pile of billions collected from the taxpayers, Walker has given to a Taiwanese foxy con, and says there will be more coming from future taxpayers, and there will be fancy expressways built for the use of the foxy con gang which will be paid for by Mexico—make that Kenosha county.

Kickass suggests that Walker simplify and give the Koch money to the foxy con gang. and then use the taxpayer money to buy beer and brats for the taxpayers, which would make more sense than the $100-per-child blatant vote bribe he is trying for next November.  (Kickass adds that if voters don’t see through a bribe made with their own money, they deserve what they get, which might be bull—and cow shit tainted beer.)

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